From Podcast Guest to Podcast Host

By Amanda Maher, Feb 2021

James asked Linda Robbins, the Head Judge, to join us to give her perspective of the process. Linda, who had just taken on the role of president of the ISTC, has been on the judging panel since 2006.

In the run-up to the interview, James and I talked about podcasts, and I said how much I enjoyed listening to them, and wished there was a regular ISTC podcast that would be:

  • Short – about half an hour, so I could listen while walking the dog or having lunch
  • Relevant – tell me about real people working in our profession and what they deal with
  • Lively – something I looked forward to listening to and would energise me.

“Sounds great, why don’t you do it?” he asked.

I had no experience of podcasts, interviewing, editing or whatever else was involved but I was hooked and just couldn’t say no. Don’t you hate it when that happens.

I plan to produce 12 monthly podcasts, half an hour in length, interviewing Technical Communicators from across our profession, in a fun, authentic, energising way.

I have a lot to learn…